Friday, March 14, 2014

Looking Forward to It...

After 5 days with an out-of-town husband/dad, followed up by 5 days of sickly children, I can honestly say I'm looking forward to a few things that I would never have guessed would seem fun and exciting.

1. A committee meeting - usually to be dreaded, last night was a great excuse to get out without kids and enjoy adult company along with chips and salsa.

2. Grocery shopping - alone. Enough said.

3. Working late - I am dreadfully behind on all things work. This includes our year end stuff which has to be done before taxes are even started. Sitting behind a desk and crunching numbers sounds fun. {Says the girl who always did her accounting homework as soon as she got home from class because she enjoyed it so much.}

And, then, there are the things I would obviously be excited about too...

1. Spring Break - We need some good old fashioned family time. I'm looking forward to a slower pace, book reading and sunshine!

2. Deliveries - I was a little overzealous this weekend while home with the sick kids and ordered some spring clothes online. Now, I'm impatient to get them here!

3. Warmer temps and sunshine - We had a teaser of a spring day this week which was promptly followed by a day of snow and freezing temps again. Soon, spring will arrive. Or, we'll jump right into the super hot weather and I'd be OK with that too.

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