Sunday, March 16, 2014

OK winter. I give.

Time to call in the mercy rule. 

I'm so beyond sick of this miserable weather that I any even think of one positive thing to say about it. 28 degrees that feels like 17 because of the 25 mile an hour winds is just unacceptable for March. 

I've been talking myself into being ok with it all. I've purged and sorted, snuggled up to the fire, and chowed down on too much comfort food. 

I've been a good sport. Now, I'm just done. Enough is enough. 

Spring break will be a very welcome reprieve. Winter... You are put on notice. There will be none of this when I return. 65 is the absolute minimum temperature you will reach in April. Period. 

Spring and summer has never looked better. There. Something positive. :)

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