Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Running Update - Next Race & GOALS!!!

Blogging has taken a major backseat lately. One of these days, the mood will strike again. It seems like we get into such a routine that nothing seems interesting and then, when something exciting happens, like the holidays, I don't have time to sit down and document it. Oh well.

In about two weeks, I get to head south! Woo Hoo! Our book club decided this past summer to take a girls' trip to Savannah this winter. This month, we picked a book set there (Savannah Breeze - Mary Kay Andrews) and we will spend three nights in a house on Tybee Island!

After the sub zero temperatures, the foot of snow and general gray skies, I am more than ready. Although the temps don't look "hot" by any stretch, I think 50 will feel downright balmy. In fact, one of the girls said tonight, that 20 felt warm after -15 and we all walked around without coats that day. I'm considering just wear flip flops all weekend, just because.

We had a little planning session tonight and I'm getting really excited. I love trips in general and traveling without kids makes me feel as free as a bird. And, it gives me strange bursts of energy. Somehow, I can get by on 6 hours of sleep each day with plenty of energy left over! I wish I had that energy before I had kids - I didn't know a good thing until it was gone!

{Don't get me wrong, I love taking the kids places and watching them see new things. But, there's something about being alone where no one depends on you that is just super appealing.}

On Saturday, I will be running in the Critz Tybee Run Fest Half Marathon. This will be my second "destination" race with my friend, Claudia. The first was the Steamboat Half. This race will knock Georgia off of her 50-state list. It will also mark my first race of 2014. :) I'm looking forward to another race with a few familiar faces at the finish line!

I have some lofty running goals this year. They're a little dependent on one another so bear with me.

There is a pattern to my races that I noticed sometime last year...

2010 - 30 years old - 0 Half Marathons
2011 - 31 years old - 1 Half Marathon - 2011 Indy Mini
2012 - 32 years old - 2 Half Marathons - 2012 Indy Mini & 2012 Indianapolis Half
2013 - 33 years old - 2 Half Marathons + 1 Marathon = 3 Half or better races - 2013 Indy Mini (PR), 2013 Steamboat Half, 2013 Indianapolis Full

See the pattern? (Also, do you see where I will be when I'm 40? I think that's a great goal to run 10 Half or better races that year!)

So, this year, I am 34 and I will run 4 Half Marathons. {Or, 4 Half or better races.}

Here are the races that I've already entered for the year.

Critz Tybee Run Fest Half Marathon - Tybee Island
Indy-Mini Half Marathon - Indianapolis

The second part of my goal for 2014?

I will beat 1:50. I'll take a 1:49:59 on either of those two races.

This is the lofty part. My PR is 1:54:51 and shaving almost five minutes off will not be easy, but I do think it is attainable. I've shaved 10 minutes off since my first half so this is only half that right? :)

Now, for the interdependence part, if I beat 1:50, I will train for a full marathon in the fall with a 3rd Half as part of my training plan. With that goal, of course, to be a PR at the full.

Back to the upcoming half, I'm not shooting for a 1:49:59. My training hasn't been awesome but I did have a pretty stellar 9 mile run last weekend. I've mostly run on the treadmill which causes me to go much slower. I am, however, shooting for a PR. I think a PR is within reach. The course is super flat and will be very interesting since it runs all around the island. It's doable.

PR or no PR, the trip will be awesome and I can't wait!

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