Friday, May 10, 2013

Tessa Writes

Tessa has been writing more and more these days. Way more than Josie ever did. (I really try hard not to compare the girls, but it is inevitable.) I'm amazed at the things she will get out on paper and fearlessness with which she will spell things. They're rarely right but she tries so hard. I talked with a kindergarden teacher in another school who is a friend of mine and she says she sees that more in second children. First borns are afraid to get it wrong so they only will write what they know. Tessa is the exact opposite.

I bought them white boards and dry erase markers for the car trip down to Florida - best dollar I've ever spent! They got really simple on the trip home. This was a story about a unicorn pooping. She proceeded to illustrate it.

She also makes cards and writes notes. She wrote and illustrated a whole book that my mom gave her for Josie's birthday. 

I frequently come home to messages on the white board that has taken up permanent residence in our living room next to the decorative snow shoes. This was one welcoming the Easter Bunny to our house. (Josie wrote instructions for the different colors for each kid.)

Earlier in the week, I picked them up at the sitter's. Tessa had written a poem. Here it is. I'm so proud. I have no idea why bells stink, but now you know.

{Translation: I stink. I stink. I stink. So bad you wouldn't want to smell me. I smell better than a stinky bell. I stink more than my stinky shoes. I stink more than my stinky feet. I stink more than my stinky toes. I stink more than my stinky socks.}

For good measure, I recorded her saying it on my phone. It really does have a good rhythm to it. Iambic pentameter maybe? I'm totally kidding - I never really "got" poetry.

She and Josie also worked on some "nonsense words," which is a component of their standardized testing they had this week. Here is her list. (I hope this rotates - Photobucket is not cooperating today.)

Then, she proceeded to write a poem about those too. This one isn't quite as goofy as the first. Nor is it as much "poetry."

Maybe we'll have a writer on our hands. Maybe it's a phase. Either way, I'm proud of her for trying, even if it is silly. At least it's not potty humor. This time anyway. 

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