Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Running Update

After a weird virus last week (self-diagnosed of course), I feel 100% better this week. I attempted four miles on Monday and Tuesday last week and barely huffed it through two before throwing in the towel. Finally, on Wednesday, after an awful headache (migraine?) I gave in to the sickness and went to bed for the night at 5:30PM. After 13 hours of sleep, I was on the upswing by Thursday.

Sunday, I hit the Pennsy trail for 10 miles. It was very hot - over 80 I think - but I got through all 10 miles and even included some hills in Riley Park. I like running on US 40 through town and through the park. It was a very nice change of scenery. However, I was SLOW!!! I think I had a 10:15 pace. At one point, I read some article about how much your pace slows down per degree of temperature but I can't remember it now. In any event, I was slow but felt fine.

I was surprisingly sore yesterday and today but got out there tonight for three miles at a good clip. Then, Josie joined me for a good cool down mile. (She's up to three with me and one with Tom.) She keeps about a 11:30 pace, so that felt nice. She said she loves running with me and I love it too. It gives us a chance (albeit only 11 minutes and 30 seconds) to get unplugged and away from it all and talk. I hope it continues.

I have another half in less than two weeks in Colorado. I'm super excited for the trip but not quite there yet for the race. I'll get there though. The 10 day forecast isn't up yet but it looks like perfect conditions. And, the course looks gorgeous! Although, today I was thinking, why didn't I just sign up for the 5k? :)

That will make number two for the year and I plan to do the October Indianapolis half too. Plus, I think there's a few 5k's around that I want to try. I guess, little by little, I'm becoming a runner. Who would have guessed? :)

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