Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Super Spy Tip

So, I did a little science experiment on Monday. I remember seeing this in a movie, or reading it in a book, or hearing about it in science class. Actually, maybe it was Mr. Wizard. (Remember that show?!?!) Wherever I heard it, I'm glad I did because it saved me $60 in postage this week.

I printed, folded, stuffed, labeled and sealed 130 letters and envelopes soliciting donations for our Wine to Water event coming up in April. After sealing letter #129, I realized I left out an important form in every.single.last.envelope. And yes, they were already stamped.

So, the next day, I took on the task of unsealing each envelope, putting in the last paper and resealing it. Tessa helped too. :)

Now, for the science experiment. I steamed them open. I boiled a big pot of water, balanced a spoon over the edge and then balanced the envelopes two at a time on the spoon.

It worked and I was proud of myself. It doesn't take much.

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