Sunday, February 10, 2013

Catch Up Post

Am I really this far behind? I have so much to write about but so little desire to sit down and do it. Sometimes, when I get this far behind, I end up taking a longer break because it seems insurmountable. So, I will just do this post from my phone and catch up really quick so I can move on mentally and not feel so far behind...

1. We went to Mexico. It was awesome. I took some pictures. Most of them won't make it on here because I won't take the time to load them and commentate. I had full intentions of writing up what we did and where we ate, but that desire apparently stayed in Mexico. :)

2. Tom had knee surgery. It went well. Recovery is going well. We are two weeks and two days post surgery and he is off major pain meds but still on an ibuprofen regimen and on crutches and not driving. All in all, it has gone well.

3. I would not have made a good mom in the 1950's. Tom does so much around here from cooking dinner to helping chauffeur the kids to changing diapers to occupying the kids while I do laundry. And, I'm a better mom and happier person when he does all of the above. It all becomes very obvious when he's down for the count. I'm happy to be slowly gaining my partner in crime back. He's been missed.

4. Josie had a birthday! And I owe a nice post like I did for Tessa. But, again, I need access to the computer and old photos. We had a little party at home on her actual birthday and then I took Josie, two friends and Tessa out to lunch and bowling last weekend. I think everyone had fun.

5. I started running again last week. Only twice, but I started. This week is officially 12 weeks away from the Indy Mini. I ran yesterday too but didn't get one in today. I haven't picked a training plan yet but know I just need to pick up the frequency for now.

6. I'm over winter. I'm handling it better this year but I'm still over it. Every night when I take the dog out, I stand on the porch and just imagine sitting there in the summer after the kids go to bed. I'm sure it will be here before I know it and I shouldn't wish it away but man, it sure is a long season.

7. Josie's playing Upward basketball and she seems to really like it. I like it too. It's good for kids to get started in such a supportive league. She seems to be getting more comfortable and even dribbled the ball a little in the game last Saturday. I'm proud of her for being willing to play a new sport and learn something new.

8. Jack has been a sweet boy to his dad. When Tom was bedridden, Jack spent a lot of time in there watching TV. He's such a sweet boy and I just still want to stop him from growing up.

9. We taught Tessa Skipbo. Josie learned on Nana's phone and we were able to have a family game night. We also played Headbandz which was a fun one.

10. I'm working on a blanket and I don't have much of a desire to finish it either. I like the colors but just can't get excited about it right now. Taking a bit of a break.

I know I have more but this will have to do for now. I've added a random instagram photo dump too of the last month. Now, I feel better and not so far behind.

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