Sunday, February 17, 2013

Running Update

So, I was going to do a 12 week training program for the upcoming Indy Mini, but the last two weeks have been more than crazy. I'm already down to 11 weeks left (actually 10 weeks and 5 days), so I adjusted down to a 10 week program. (Here is a link to all of my running posts. I cringed when I read what I wrote about recovery last time. Why am I doing this again?)

A few weeks ago, I bought this book. It came with a "free" running journal as well.

I somehow got sucked into it after receiving an email early one morning. It caught my eye. I added on a subscription to Runner's World too. Weak moment I guess.

Good news for me is that the plans in the back are 10 week plans. See? Procrastination does pay off. :)

Actually, the book is really good and has a good chunk on nutrition as well. I always seem to get confused about what to eat and when so I'm looking forward to tackling that chapter. Along with nutrition, it has sections on types of training, hills, speed work, what to do when you get tired and motivational snippets from all types of runners. I can see referencing sections when I have questions as I am just skimming most of it now.

I've been fitting in a few runs here and there for the last three weeks, but really haven't upped the mileage as much as I had originally hoped. Today, I ran 7 outside - cold and slow - and felt really pretty good. Next week though, the real fun begins. The program I chose is the Intermediate one and has longer runs than I've done in the past leading up to the race. It involves running 4 days a week with one long run and one speed day. I think I can swing that.

I have a handful of songs I'm trying out as well to see if they make the cut for my running list. (See my old post here.) A huge shout out to Tom for keeping me hip on the new music. I'd probably still be rocking out to Boyz II Men if it weren't for him.

From Flo Rida to Zac Brown Band with a little of everything in between - here it is...

Gone, Gone, Gone - Phil Phillips
Anna Sun - Walk the Moon
Can't Go Wrong - Phil Phillips ~190 bpm
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift ~174 bpm - OK - this was my pick...
Want U Back - Cher Lloyd - I'm in love with this song! It's angry and good for getting out some agression - especially on the treadmill when no one's watching
Express Yourself - Labrinth ~190 bpm
Charleston Butterfly - Parov Stelar
She Is - Ne-Yo (feat. Tim McGraw) ~186 bpm
Yeah Yeah - Willy Moon
On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons ~186 bpm
Creepin' - Eric Church ~180 bpm
Natural Disaster - Zac Brown Band - this one has great lyrics - even though it's about a horse, I picture myself coming around the bend with lightning in both hands - just a little on the crazy side :)
Whistle - Flo Rida
All Alone - Fun ~184 bpm - I think Fun's whole album is probably a good running album

I have found that my ultimate beat per minute that matches my stride is around 175-190 and those are always my favorite runnings songs, so I've marked those specifically. I use this site to calculate bpm. But, there are others that will make the final cut because they're just good songs.

It's all about to ramp up and I'm excited about getting started. The number on the scale has begun to creep again and I really do like being outside and running. Plus, it all means that spring to not too far away. That's probably my favorite part. :)

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