Monday, September 10, 2012


Can caffeine really make that much of a difference in your workout?

You know how some days, you just struggle even gearing up enough to put on workout clothes? Then, you get started and think, "Why did I dread this so much? It feels great!"

Yeah. Today wasn't one of those days. Today, I wasn't dreading it. I actually attempted to run with Jack in the jogger and Tessa riding her bike (Josie was at soccer practice). My multi-tasking blew up in my face when Tessa threw a fit about her helmet, then her hair, then her shoes. This is actually exactly why I wasn't dreading the workout today. The girls were a wily bunch and pretty grumpy and sassy. I thought the bike ride would be good for Tessa. Obviously, she thought otherwise.

So, when Tom got home, I grabbed the headphones and took off. Even better to run alone after a bit of a stressful day. Instantly, I felt like I hit a wall. Usually, I feel fine once I get started on a run. No power in my legs. Blech. I felt like I was running in quick sand. I set off to run 40 minutes and try to squeeze in 4.5 miles. After two miles, my time was 22 minutes. I was walking every 5 minutes, which I never do on the road. I kept taking stock of how I felt. My legs were fine. My lungs were fine. I was actually barely sweating. I really just felt like I ran out of juice. Tonight, I felt the same as the end of the last Mini.

I got to about 2.5 miles and was heading down to start on the last loop of the bike path and stopped. I said forget this. (a la Cee Low Green.) I'm tired and this doesn't feel good at all. What's another mile and a half going to do for me. So, I started walking home. Then, said forget this again, turned back around and decided to do another loop as fast as I could. I was already going to have to take a shower and if I headed home, I would have bedtime to deal with. Still, not great feeling (and not 4.5 miles) but at least I didn't totally crap out.

It's funny because it's just so different than I felt on Saturday running 8 miles with Tom at below a 9 minute pace. I do know that I was fueled right on Saturday - peanut butter on wheat bread and a little of Nana's coffee cake for good measure. I started thinking about what I ate today and it really isn't any different than what I usually eat during the week. But, I almost always have an iced tea (or two) or a cup of coffee when the girls get home from school. I didn't do that today and stuck with water. I guess that will teach me to drink water. :) Plus, and I really don't think this could matter, I had blood drawn for my annual physical.

Either way, I'm taking tomorrow off for a mental health day and will be back at it on Wednesday. This time, I'll be sure to down an espresso or two before hitting the road.


  1. I *so* feel you on this. I'm 3 weeks out from my relay, 4 from the half marathon, and 2 weeks ago I hit a wall. Probably mentally as much as physically, but for 5 runs in a row I was dragggggggging. Fortunately things seem to have turned around and this week's 11-miler was pretty awesome, but dang if that week-and-a-half didn't crush my spirit! Good luck in your training!!!

  2. I thought about you today on my run. You and Katie. I couldn't remember when you had your race. Katie does hers on the 22nd. So, we're all right there. I can't remember ever feeling this bad, although I'm sure I have! My "kill your spirit" moment this time was two weeks ago when I got in a whopping 3 miles. :)