Wednesday, July 25, 2012

School Already?!?!

One week from today, we'll be putting two (likely very tired) girls to bed after their first day of school. Due to the new balanced calendar, we start on August 1st. We do get two weeks off in October and possibly two weeks off in March, depending on snow days. I'm not convinced this schedule will suit everyone's needs but we'll go with it. It sure has made the summer go flying by!!!!

Today, I finished up school supply shopping for the girls. Josie's list cracked me up in comparison to Tessa's. Tessa just needs a backpack, school box, 3 glue sticks, a pack of crayons and Elmer's. Josie's list is much more extensive! 5 packs of crayons, 8 glue sticks, 24 pencils, 24 colored pencils, 3 folders and 3 composition books, along with a few other random things. Sounds like they're going to put those first graders to work!! :)

Josie has a new teacher to the district, Mrs. McCleery. She's a little nervous I think because none of her three closest friends are in her class. But, she's excited to be in Mrs. McCleery's first class at Mt. Comfort, just like Mrs. Brown last year.

Speaking of whom, Tessa is in her class this year! I'm thrilled. I've mentioned on here before how much we loved her last year and I'm sure this will be the same. We've already talked about how different the two girls are so it will be interesting to see her take on their differences. I've attached a page out of a coloring book that Tessa did today. I've always been amazed at her coloring/drawing ability, but it's really staring to shine through even more. She's starting to draw really cute faces too thanks to her cousin, Taylor. This one was a watercolor and free hand. I've also added a picture of a drawing her 13 year old cousin, Annabel, posted on Facebook today.(I'm posting on my phone so they're not as organized as usual, but I'm SURE you'll be able to tell the difference.) :) There is an artistic gene in that Joyner family I tell ya!

So, in all, I'm physically ready for school to start but not quite mentally. I'm loving the sleeping-in-relaxed-schedule-ness of summer. But, getting back to routine is always nice too.


  1. Hey, I googled my wife's name and found it on your blog. I hope everyone has a great school year! -- Bill McCleery

  2. Thanks Bill! I know they'll have a great year! (Sorry I didn't respond sooner - haven't adjusted to the new schedule yet!)