Sunday, June 28, 2015

Race Recap - Indy Mini 2015

Another Mini has come and gone! Actually, it's been gone quite a long time. It's been almost 2 months so I remember very little. But, I must post so I can move on with life...

I remember very little of the race other than the last few miles, which is the opposite of normal. I held a very steady pace of a little better than 8:20 through the race which was exactly where I needed to be to break 1:50. I told myself I could speed up at mile 10 if I still had anything left. I didn't. My last three miles slowed to an 8:32 pace.

Even though my average pace (8:21) should have earned a PR and under 1:50, the course was longer that 13.1 miles which it always seems to be. I thought I had accounted for this in my calculations, but I had used 13.2 and it was actually 13.25 or something. Crazy how that makes a difference! But, when you're only 30-some seconds from your goal, every tenth makes a difference.

It doesn't really matter because I had no juice left in the tank anyway! It sure seemed to get hot during those last few miles too which I'm sure didn't help! And, once again, that last mile was an eternity!

It was a course record for me and only 8 seconds (8 seconds?!?!) from a PR. Surely I had that in me?! Either way, I'll have another go at it.

I will say that all of my strength training totally paid off. My legs were fresh as a daisy during the entire run and soreness was virtually non-existent after the race. That alone is worth it all!

And now for some photos...

The day before the race, I sat with Estrella in the waiting room at Riley while her son, Koby, was undergoing open heart surgery. Koby is the most recent Gift of Life child to receive heart surgery as part of the program.

Gram and Pop arrived in time to see Tessa's art in the county-wide Art Show. 

And, then, our annual pasta dinner! Complete with mom's Bison Meatballs!

New shirt for the big day! And new Gu packs. The vanilla is yummy. The coffee (cappuccino? mocha?) flavored one at mile 10? Not so much. Gross...

The day was beautiful!

And, at the finish!

Mom and dad...

Where was our selfie stick when we needed it?!

And, couldn't miss the Indy sign. Dad makes a nice, tall "I."

We wrapped up the day with lunch at a new place in Greenfield. 

So happy this is part of our May tradition now! A great way to kick off summer!

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