Friday, May 1, 2015

Pre-Race Thoughts - Indy Mini 2015

Well, we're only one sleep away from the big race! This is the one where I beat 1:50 and all of my wildest dreams come true! Or that's what happens in the fairy tale finish anyway.

Hard to believe it's my 6th Indy Mini and my 13th Half Marathon!

I haven't written about this training cycle at all really.  After my near sub-1:50 in Austin (only missing it by 22 seconds), I decided to pull out the big guns and hire a trainer. He put together a run schedule for me but also, and I think most importantly, a strength training schedule.  This is one area in which I need some major work. That was blatantly obvious during my first few sessions when I could barely make it through a "real" sit up. I can see so many weaknesses in my core strength and even leg strength. I can also see how improving those areas will show a great improvement during the race.

The running has been so-so really. It feels like I "feel" each mile more this time around and have dread/put off more runs this time around. I think as our lives get busier, running seems like something that I can put off and becomes a burden. I need to work on this one. Just get it done. That being said, I had a lot of 5 run weeks and that is not common for me.

I have enjoyed the hills, speed work and timed events like 5k, 10k, mile etc. Those felt good. Once they were done anyway.  Building up the cardio on those should, in theory, help too.

The last piece of the training puzzle was diet. I was convinced that losing weight would magically take time off of my race. I'm still not unconvinced. Heading into the race on Saturday, I am within a pound or three of where I was last year, which is 10-15 pounds lighter than previous years.  Here's the difference though. I now have muscle. My measurements have decreased. (And I'll add for vanity's sake, my clothes fit better.) I attribute it to both diet and strength training.

My last few weeks have been less than stellar for multiple reasons. But, it only comes down to running two seconds faster each mile than my best and I'm better trained than I was then. Minuscule really. I'm shooting for 8:20 per mile with a few at 8:15 or so to give me a little buffer. No starting fast. That puts me in around 1:50 pretty comfortably even if the course is longer than 13.1 which it will inevitably be 13.2 at least.

I can do it. I know that. Whether it is tomorrow may be another question. I will certainly give it my best shot. That I know. I have some playlist work to do and some scouring of previous blogs to remember how great it all is. And, maybe even a bedtime of pre-10 PM.

Let's do this.

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