Sunday, March 1, 2015

So Long Winter - And Skiing Pictures!

Thanks to Timehop, I woke up this morning to this post - OK Winter I Give - written on March 1st as well. The same feelings hold true today. We took full advantage of the snow this weekend by skiing at Perfect North, playing in the snow, and I even got in a snowy run.

I'm done now though. It was pretty but I'm ready for spring. I have to say this winter flew by faster than any I remember thanks to a packed schedule. In fact, February 2015 is the first month I did not write a blog post since April 2011! So hard to believe, but that's how busy it's been around here! Anytime I would usually post - early morning, after kids are in bed, etc. - has been packed with other things. I've done two races, traveled to Texas, California, Wyoming and we're heading to Ohio next weekend.

One of these days, I'll do a race recap for both races especially since one included a PR! For now, some photos from skiing...

We went with our friends, The Brinkruffs, and this is Mia - who also goes to school with Jack. They were both great sports for 4 year olds!

Best buddy (and teacher) - Daddy

Magic Carpet Ride!

Fun Video of Jack - "I'm Skiing!" was his favorite thing to yell.

Again, look at all the people! 

Lift Selfie - Sorry to block your face Josie!

This is the bunny slope. Total, utter chaos and craziness. But thankful for the magic carpet and no tow rope!

Another view - crawling with people!

Jack even made it on (and off) the lift successfully! 

I did have to carry him. A lot. Many times. Otherwise, he would lay down, cry and say he wanted to go home. Really loud. Right smack in the middle of all the people. It's a good thing he's my third child. These things don't seem to phase me anymore. Although, they do still exhaust me.

We ended the day on the tubing hill. That was new for mom and dad too and was pretty fun. This was much more Jack's style.

Louise, our exchange student from Denmark, had fun during the day too. With a fear of heights, it was all a little scary for her, but she was a great sport and went along with all of us! I think she enjoyed this spot at the bottom of the tubing hill more than the top though!

And, this last one is from today. The kids must be having snowball wars. I caught this stock pile on our deck. Someone has a good angle of attack!

And, now, spring can come anytime. We're ready and we deserve it!

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