Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today I...

These are always fun for me to look back at after a while. It's been a busy one and its not over yet. I'm sitting in the parking lot with 10 minutes to spare so I thought I'd stay busy...

6:30AM - Hit snooze. We were up way too late last night! Our neighbors came over to join us for some spaghetti carbonara for dinner...at 10:15 PM. :) I'm glad someone else eats as late as we do!

7:00 - Finally drag myself out of bed to shower and get the kids ready.

7:55 - Leave the house.

8:05 - Hit Starbucks for a large iced tea for the day! Great choice.

8:15 - Arrive at church for our second day of VBS. I'm working with a group of kindergardeners-to-be which is fun but a little tiring too!

12:15 - Leave church after a fun-filled morning for me and the kids.

12:20 - Drop kids at sitter.

12:30 - Meet Tom for a quick lunch.

1:00 - Customer appointment! We finalized her selections for her house. Always love those appointments!

2:15 - Power-worked. Cleared my desk, answered emails, wrote checks. In general, kicked a few have-to's off of my long list.

4:00 - Left the office to go home to pick up leotards. Chatted with Tom's mom about the upcoming family weekend. Cannot wait!!!!

4:15 - Pick kids up at sitter.

4:30 - Drop girls at gymnastics. Hang out with Jack in the sweltering gym. It is SO hot!!!!!

5:00 - Trade the kids off with Tom. Hit the post office to drop letters for an upcoming HOA meeting - our last!

5:15 - Fireside Chat to welcome our newest member-to-be to our Rotary club.

6:00 - Back to church for a potluck with the small groups that meet on Tuesday nights. I'm early - hence the parking lot blog post! :)

I really need to keep up the productivity after this potluck, but I have a feeling I'm going to crash!!!

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