Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Summary - So Far

It's been a while since I've posted. Summer's gotten the best of me. :) School's out and I'm busy trying to make the most out of our 8 short weeks together!

1. I haven't unloaded the girls backpacks or sorted papers. We showed the house the day after school was out so I hurriedly shoved the papers back in after looking at them on the last day. I have a TON of sorting to do.

2. I let the girls quit. Well, kind of - I'm not sure they know it yet. It was hard but we needed to do it to maintain a low-key summer. So, 4H will wait another year. The judging began this week and I just didn't want to rush and stress for the first two weeks of our shortened summer. The Mini-Projects are so easy and not time consuming so I feel like a bit of a flake, especially since it was me and not them. We didn't make it to any of the meetings because they started after their bedtime, so I'm trying not to feel too bad! :) They'll thank me later - or not.

3. The girls and I are doing a lot of reading. I make them take books to the sitter's to read during the little ones' nap time. I've clocked two and a half books so far - not bad for me for two weeks' time. Josie's at 23 and Tessa's at around 25. Josie's favorites are Boxcar Children and Magic Tree House, but she'll throw in some Junie B. Jones sometimes too. Tessa is doing a great job on her easy readers and can pretty easily get through Junie B. Jones. The easy readers are great for her confidence but she's pretty proud when she can read a chapter book too.

4. They're still watching too much TV. I've made a big effort to make them turn it off when we're home after a show or two in the morning, but everyone is so quiet when it's on! I made an "I'm Bored" list and an "I'm Bored" bag to pre-empt that battle. So far, it's worked pretty well. This morning, Jack played Plah-Doh, Josie worked on Spiral Art and Tessa did sticker paper dolls. I love that they finally have time for all of those great Christmas and Birthday Gifts! I'm also glad I stuck some of them away for a "rainy" day.

5. I feel like a slug. I've run once since the last race. I just can't get up the gumption to get out and do it. I feel like I need a new challenge but I'm too lazy to seek one out. So, I'm giving myself a bit of a pass for a little while. Waiting for inspiration to strike!

6. I think this summer will feel too short. I can already feel it. I always used to wonder why these crazy parents actually enjoyed having their kids home and looked forward to summer. Of course, that's when my kids were in full parental needy mode and I had to spend day in and day out catering to their every need. Now that they're a little more fun and self-sufficient, it's actually fun having them around. I love the laid back bedtimes and wake ups and trips to the library. I don't enjoy the "taking three kids to Walmart" part of things, but it's all about sacrifice I guess. :)

That's it for now. Time for me to turn off the TV for them once again - just when I was beginning to enjoy the peace and quiet. :)

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