Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Break 2012

Today is the last day of our trip to Ohio for Fall Break. Due to the new school schedule, we have two weeks off this year in October and decided to make a four day trip back to see family and friends. We thought about heading back down to Gatlinburg, but aren't quite over the traffic woes from last year. The foliage here has been absolutely amazing. I'm just gawking every time we leave the house. Not to mention, you could film a movie in my parent's backyard with the crazy technicolor hues we've been seeing here! I feel like I can't take enough of it in!

First, we went to our great friends' house and visited with Eric, Sarah, Oliver and Marlie. We hit up a pumpkin patch in Adamsville - McDonald's Greenhouse.

Glad I caught this wonderful act of parenting in action. Yes, we have actually had a child with a dislocated elbow. Yet, we continue to swing them in the air.

This is my kind of pumpkin "picking." No mud!

Didn't get any great shots of the kids, but sure did try.

This is Marlie.

And, Oliver!

Tom and I went through our first corn maze. Oh yeah - it was probably the kids' first too.

The Motley Crew

In case you were wondering, this is what it looks like to give five kids fruit snacks.

The littles were lucky enough to get some shoulder rides.

We actually lost Jack more than once. He was so interested in everything and kept lagging behind. Again, a little more difficult to do anything with five kids to wrangle!

The petting zoo part was a little sketchy, but Tessa was really into this baby goat.

So were Marlie and Jack. So sweet.

Last stop was the Enchanted Forest. Not so enchanted, but the kids loved it. Just goes to show it is really the small things for them!

Then, we brought the kids to my parents' house. Monday, Josie and Tom went to the store for some kids' hunting gear. Josie went out with Tom on Monday and Tessa went out yesterday. They lasted three or more hours in the tree stand! I can't believe it! And, they acted like they actually enjoyed it, which is just so foreign to me. :)

Yesterday, we took the kids to The Works, which is a local museum in town. I'm always amazed at what a wonderful gem of a place it really is. Upstairs is a local history museum and downstairs is a scaled down version of COSI. I love it because it's all close enough to be able to to see (OK well hear anyway) your kids no matter where you are. The kids always love the big Mastodon upstairs and the little historic village up there too. I didn't take any pictures here because we've done it a million times!

Today, we visited with Tom's grandma, Grammy. The kids always love her house and they always leave with a new Beanie Baby for the collection. She took us out to Sopapilla Express for lunch. Yum.

Then, we went out to Dawes Arboretum. Absolutely beautiful. The kids loved the Nature Center just like they did in Gatlinburg - can't beat free! Josie wanted to take her picture with the display of stuffed owls for her teacher Mrs. McCleery. She's such a thoughtful kid!

They were all pretty grumbly/whiny on the walk, so we only made it to the Japanese Gardens. We stopped off for a photo session. I had high hopes of getting our Christmas card photos like I did last year on Fall Break.   Didn't happen. Here's the gist of how that went...

Anyway, we got to see the gorgeous trees around the Arboretum and the drive out there reminds me that I really do miss the rolling hills of Ohio.

This was part of the "Story Trail" and the kids LOVED it!

This reminds me of the oil drilling things on my grandpa's property in Gratiot.  

Finally, we headed back to the house and Tom went back into the woods. We went out back to play and I took the camera just to get some pictures of the backyard.

And, then, bam. The kids were agreeable and I got these gems. Finally! :)

Great break, but I guess I am ready for some routine. Tom and I run our half this weekend, so we'll spend the next two days gearing up and then the two days after that limping around the house. All in all - great fall!

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