Monday, March 5, 2012

So Far Behind & Here's My Excuse!

I am so far behind on this blog! I know none of you have missed me, but I have missed being here. It's a great outlet for me and the only way I can get the events of our lives recorded. I've left so much out - Christmas, Disney, Josie's Birthday, skiing, the new house, and so much more! Maybe I'll catch up someday...

Needless to say, our lives have been just as busy as ever. That's nothing new. However my two new addictions hobbies are putting a major wrench in my blogging plans.

Never have I had two Christmas gifts last my attention until the first of March and show no signs of wavering. Tom bought me a Kindle for Christmas. I didn't really know why because I don't ever have (or really make) time to read these days. Well, that all changed when I found Beverly Lewis and her bazillions of books available at the library for free on Kindle. The Hancock County Library has a great electronic book selection! Lewis writes about the Amish and somehow mixes mystery, romance and historical events all into one riveting series. I am now on my 8th book of hers and have a hard time putting it down! I am so glad he got this for me! Here is a link to the first book in the series I started.

The second gift was from Tom's mom, Barb. I had asked for a learn to crochet set for Christmas and got one! She taught me the basic stitches and after a few, very marginal, scarves and dishcloths, I finished my first big project this week. A baby blanket and matching hat! I'm working on finishing the second bootie tonight to go with the set. It was a lot of fun watching something come together. I truly enjoy crocheting and I'm really glad to have found it. Here are some photos of my progress.

The pattern and the yarn are both from Lion Brand. I love the soft yarn (Vanna's Best Baby - yes Vanna White has a yarn line) and the pattern was easy to follow and very accurate. Click on the photo for a direct link to the pattern page.

I think these two things have really helped the winter fly by. It's edged out my boredom and kept me focused on a goal. I'm off now to write a few more posts to try to catch up a little!

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