Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jack Says and Does

Now, it's Jack's turn! He's been picking up about 2-3 words a day for the last week or so. And, just expanding upon his already adorable personality.

He's a creature of habit, just like his sister. For instance, this morning, he pointed to get up in his high chair. I put him up there and asked if he wanted cereal. He proceeded to laugh, grunt, point and utter words I didn't understand to get his point across. He wanted his cereal in a blue bowl (not a red bowl) with a spoon and milk. I had to get him the spoon first before putting the milk on his cereal. He's doing a pretty good job of using his spoon.

Last night, at gymnastics, he got a chair in just the right spot and then went over to a friend of mine. She lets him play on her iPad sometimes. When he plays on it though, he likes the chair to be faced just the perfect way. He went over and begged a few games of bobble pop off of her. She was kind enough to oblige.

Tom got him a new pair of sandals at Walmart yesterday. He put them on and went around the house calling everyone's name and showing them off. He was really excited to show Trigger too.

I have two favorite things that he says now too. One is, "Love You Josie" or "Love You Tessa/Mama/Dada/Trigger." He said it today as Josie got out of the car to go to school. Melt.My.Heart.

The other thing he says that is adorable is "That's Jackie's." Jackie is a nickname that has stuck from the girls when he was just born. Now, he'll point to something and say "That's Jackie's." He also likes to label other things as mama's, dada's, Tessa's, etc. So cute.

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