Monday, January 5, 2015

Break is Over! Christmas Recap 2014!

You know it's been a good break when you could use one more day, but still feel refreshed and ready to go back! It must have been the perfect amount of time off. This was the first time that I can remember (maybe even from when Jack was born) when I was out of the office for two weeks straight. I still handled emails and was in the office for one late afternoon/evening, but for the most part, I was home. It was a great feeling. I seriously could have used another week probably but it still felt pretty good to be heading into the office this morning!

We had a busy break. Travel, visitors, neighbors, presents, lots of playing and organizing! The girls' favorite gift were their Razor scooters. They've been riding them non-stop in the basement! Jack's Christmas was one of Lego's and Transformers. He is turning into a kid a little too fast for my taste!

Here are some photos to capture the times. (I've decided I don't do short posts. This ones a doozy. Can't bear to leave anything out!)

Nana, Papa and Grammy stopped by on their way to Colorado for a little Christmas fun. First the Smell Book!

Then presents!

Some TV was watched but a little less than most years. There is heat vent under the TV hence Trigger's spot.

Lousie, our exchange student from Denmark, made her traditional Christmas dish - Risengrod - yum!

We taught the kids "Chase the Ace" to pass the time after church on Christmas Eve. Tessa worked hard on her poker face.

When in the world did they get so old?!

Our Christmas cookies for Santa were a major fail. 

However, Tom managed one cool cookie in Santa's likeness. Josie was adamant that Santa needed a RedBull for his big night. 

I love our family room at Christmas. So peaceful!

We set up the surveillance camera and caught the Big Guy in action.

The kids weren't allowed out of their rooms until 8 and then only to gather in Jack's room. This is how I found them at 8:05.

As the Joyner family tradition, we read the Christmas Story from the Bible. Josie did the honors this year!

I think Louise fits in just fine!

Dork Diaries were some favorite gifts.

Well, not for Jack. He loved the Transformers.

The girls were so good with Jack. They acted so happy about each of his gifts.

In my family, we did stockings first. Tom did them last. We've been doing them last. 

Those of us over the age of 16 managed to sneak in a nap too!

The day after Christmas, we went to Ohio for DeLawder/Harkness Christmas. Jack was pretty enamored with Aunt Sarah.

Well, and Uncle Matt. Let the Lego extravaganza begin!

I had a nice little 9 mile run through my hometown. Things haven't changed a whole lot to be honest.

The Harkness Pizza Cookoff tradition continued. And, this year, Louise played along!

While home, Tom got another deer. Louise stuck around to watch him butcher it. Life experiences right? Well, it's one I tend to skip. Every time.

And then, more cards. And popcorn. But no shirt for Jack.

When we got home, before even unpacking, I cleaned out the pantry, the fridge and organized the laundry room. We couldn't put one more thing in those places! It always gets worse before it gets better! Wow.

New Year's Eve rolled around and we hung close to home as we were all more than a bit worn out. We played cards, Life (1st time for me and most of the family), and had a dance party. 

Then, we jumped off the couches into the New Year Danish style while watching the ball drop! New Year's Day was spent at the neighbors with food and friends and football. Such a great way to ring in the New Year!

A few more relaxing days for the kids and organizing for me - the basement and Christmas decorations this time. And, then, here we are on Monday and back to school day. It was a long day but so good to be back in our routine. And, it would continue except that it is currently snowing to beat the band and it's looking likely for at least a 2 hour delay tomorrow and maybe even cancellation. We'll get back to it one of these days! 

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