Friday, September 5, 2014

Random Friday Randomness

I have a long list of things I want to accomplish this weekend and posting here isn't one of them. Unfortunately, the long list begins with doing the dishes, finishing work emails and then running and I'm just not ready to get started on that. So, here I am.

Here's some randomness for you...

Tessa has discovered Nutella again. Lately, she's been making a graham cracker sandwich out of it. My personal favorite was the Ritz cracker/Nutella sandwiches. You're welcome.

I had my second failed shopping trip to the mall today. The first time I had Tessa and was getting out of the car to walk in and realized I FORGOT MY WALLET!!! Ugh. It takes about 30 minutes to get there so didn't want to go back and get it and then come back again. Today, I forgot what it was like to take a whiny 4 year old shopping. Next time, I will go WITHOUT my kids but WITH my wallet.

I noticed this week that the close parking spots at the gym are always taken. Not judging as I do the same but it does seem ironic. Maybe it's that everyone is so anxious to get in and workout that they don't want to waste a second?

Girls had a little role reversal in school this week. Tessa, our social butterfly and the one who struggles with the chit-chat,  had two days on "Green" which is good and two days on "Blue" which means she did something especially well on those days and got to move her clip up instead of down. Josie, our perpetually well behaved child, came home with a mark on her behavior card for... get this... doing cartwheels in the picture line.

Speaking of pictures, today was picture day at school. Remember the black combs we used to get? I don't think they do that anymore. The girls did come home the day before picture day with blue rubber bracelets reminding them of picture day the next day.

Jack started preschool this week. This kid always cracks me up. I have about 25 photos from a 3 minute photo shoot on my phone. He will NOT look at the camera!

Yesterday was red day for Jack. I've heard more stories of his first preschool year than I did in a whole year of preschool for the girls. He's having a blast!

When shopping for a backpack, I was so excited to show him the Spiderman backpacks at Kohl's. I specifically made a special trip out there so he could pick it out. He went with a Minion instead. I have no idea why. It's bigger than him!

I've had to wake him up every day this week for one reason or another. Today, it all caught up to him.

That's it for now. Time to the tackle the dishes and the rest of the list!

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