Friday, November 29, 2013

What 6 & 7 Year Old Girls Do When Bored...

It seems as if I'm always walking around picking up random pieces of paper with a few scribbles or doodles. Recently, I saved back a few because I realized it is a phase of their life that I wanted to capture. Usually Tessa is the one who draws, but she's getting into writing too. Josie hardly ever draws and has taken to writing as well.

Here are some samples from their most recent portfolios!

The first few are from Josie. I can't remember what these types of things are called. But, yes, yelling is actually fairly common in our household. It's not always bad, but the general noise level is usually pretty high.

I love the "Supersmart" and "Supernice." 

I found this in our office after they had left and never did get a chance to ask Josie what it all meant. Interesting to say the least. 

This is a favorite of mine that Tessa brought home from school after Veteran's Day.

Tessa wrote me this note in the car on the way home from Ohio. She thanked me BEFORE I helped her with her project. Smart little girl. :)

These are my favorites. Tom and I found these in our office after the girls had been there playing. Apparently, they were playing New Home Salesperson. :)

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