Saturday, December 8, 2012

Two Weeks with My Two Year Old

Two weeks is a long time. Great things could be done in the span of two weeks. As I mentioned before, our sitter is on a two week trip to the Philippines. Jack and I were on our own to accomplish what we could. Of course, I had all of the best intentions. As I sit here, with only two days before he goes back to the sitter, I can't help but notice the discrepancies in these two lists...

What I Hoped to Accomplish
- Go into work a few mornings early right after getting the kids on the bus and have Tom trade Jack off around 9:30.
- Take Jack to the gym most days while the girls were at school.
- Plan the Christmas Fun Day we're going to have at our house next weekend for a few neighbors.
- Organize my bathroom closet and drawers.
- Organize the piles of paperwork and buy a filing cabinet.
- Finish Christmas Shopping.
- Wrap everything.
- Start applying for auction items for some Rotary events we have in the next few months.
- Organize the laundry room.
- Take in/pick up items for dry cleaning and alterations.
- Organize the craft cupboard in the kitchen.
- Organize the bins in the mudroom.
- Pick up the guest room (AKA Catch All Room) for the guests we're having for the holidays.
- Various other items on my "work" list.

What I Actually Accomplished
- Went to work one morning - with Jack.
- Made it to the gym once - last night. I did fit in a run around the neighborhood with Jack in the stroller but made it short because of the 40 degree weather.
- Took in the dry cleaning and alterations, but only was able to pick up the dry cleaning.
- Organized the pantry (and cleaned the fridge).
- Spent entirely too much time on the Trip Advisor Playa Del Carmen Forums daydreaming about our trip.
- Started and finished my book club book.
- Crocheted.
- Started my addiction to Downton Abbey. I somehow made it through the whole first season during Jack's naps and while Tom was out for an evening.
- Overheard WAY too many Dora's and Diego's.
- Snuggled on the couch every morning with Jack while watching Dora and Diego.
- Had a selection appointment with a customer. And Jack.
- Cleaned up the kitchen 14 times and did all of our laundry twice.

My "Hope" list actually made it on paper, which means I should have actually gotten more done. They're all longer term projects that have been on my list forever (except for Christmas). I really have no motivation to do them so that's why I didn't.

Really, I feel like I've been on vacation for two weeks. Toward the end, I really checked out of any productivity and just started to enjoy my last few days. I have had so much fun having Jack around and with me 24 hours a day. He is just a blast when we're one on one. At the Auditor's Office while I was filing our exemptions for property taxes, he announced the whole room he had a booger. Then, at Rotary this week, he bowed his head very sweetly for the prayer and then raised them, almost as is in praise, at the end. He sure seemed to charm everyone there and everywhere we went.

So, back to work on Monday and it will be a more than full week. End of the year means HOA budgets, tax planning, Christmas events for our homeowners and employees and much more. Not to mention, I'll be spending more time out of the office just around the corner for the holidays.  It will all get done. I am thankful for these two weeks with my two year old. I am also thankful for our sitter coming home. :)

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